Life Office applauds PM's pregnancy hotline

Prime Minister John Howard yesterday announced a new Medicare payment for pregnancy support counselling and a 24-hour hotline to give help to those wishing to "explore pregnancy options".

Women who had been pregnant in the previous 12 months would also be eligible for the counselling service. The counselling would be "non-directive" and would include advice on "all options available, including adoption", Howard said.

Mr Howard hopes that the measures would reduce Australia's high abortion rate.

The Life Office of the Archdiocese of Sydney said professional counselling, independent of abortion providers, would "provide women with the information and space that might not otherwise be available to them".

Referring to a study by the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, the Life Office said that a majority of the community would not know where to refer a woman for alternative advice on abortion during pregnancy.

"This package will begin to address this discrepancy by improving knowledge of, and access to, a range of support services", the Life Office said.

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3 Mar 2006