Vatican ceremonies mark anniversary of John Paul's death

The Vatican this week will host a series of ceremonies and events to observe the anniversary of John Paul II's death.

Catholic World News reports that special masses, exhibitions, concerts, and meetings will be held in Rome and also in Krakow, where Cardinal Karol Wojtyla once served as archbishop.

The central event at the Vatican will be a prayer vigil in St Peter's Square in the evening of 2 April, recalling the vigil held there on the night Pope John Paul died. Pope Benedict XVI will participate in that vigil and preside at an anniversary Mass the following day.

The evening ceremony will begin with the reading of several texts written by the late Pontiff and will follow by the Rosary and meditations.

Benedict XVI will address the crowd in St Peter's Square to mark the hour at which the death of John Paul II was announced. The ceremony will be linked to a gathering in central Krakow by a live television broadcast.

Several exhibits will be held in Rome to mark the anniversary, including a photographic exhibit that will show pictures of the late Pope's last trip to his native Poland.

Another exhibition, displaying the front-page coverage of Pope John Paul's death in newspapers from all around the world, also will open this week.

Other activities planned include memorial concerts in Rome and Warsaw and an advance screening of a film chronicling the life of the late Pope.

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29 Mar 2006