Church welcomes home computer block

Moves to block violent and pornographic material before it reaches home computers will protect children from the dangers of cyberspace, the Australian Bishops Conference said.

Chairman of the Bishops' Committee for Media, Archbishop Barry Hickey, said most parents were concerned at the presence of internet violence and pornography on their home computer, but many did not know what to do about it.

The opposition this week announced its policy to have Internet Service Providers (ISPs) filter out websites rated R or above and media reports yesterday indicate that the federal government is investigating and trailing the idea.

"Many families struggle simply to afford a computer, let alone to buy filtering equipment to block these sites out," said Archbishop Hickey.

"Those with little technical know-how might not even know that such filtering equipment exists.

"It is much more effective to have ISPs block sites promoting violence and pornography before they ever reach home computers."

Archbishop Hickey said that similar systems were already in place some other countries.

"We welcome any moves by political parties to make home computers safer for children and less worrying for parents," he said.

Catholic Church welcomes moves to block pornography, violence from home computers (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference 23/3/06)

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24 Mar 2006