IR compliance increases gvt funding for ACU

Australian Catholic University (ACU National) has been notified by the Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Education, Science and Training that it has obtained compliance to the Higher Education Workplace Reform Requirements (HEWRRs).

This achievement means ACU National will receive the 5 per cent increase in Commonwealth grant scheme funding from the commencement of this year.

Vice-Chancellor of ACU National, Professor Peter Sheehan AO, said the additional funding will enable the University to proceed with planned investment in key University resources and initiatives.

"Most notably, the University will implement strategic processes that ensure further enhancement in the range and delivery of high quality courses, research and community engagement initiatives.

"Our compliance is also of special significance in meeting a feature of the University's enterprise bargaining negotiations in 2005, whereby staff will receive a five per cent salary increase in July of this year," said Professor Sheehan.

Professor Sheehan highlighted the cohesive nature and dedicated commitment demonstrated by his staff, which facilitated the processes of reaching Enterprise Agreement Certification and HEWRR compliance.

"These are very considerable achievements over recent months, particularly for a University that is geographically spread across the country and has specific commitments to its local, national and international communities. It demonstrates that we have a culture which very much reflects our social, ethical and spiritual charter", he said.

As part of the HEWRR requirements, universities and colleges had until November last year to formulate agreements that complied with new workplace conditions, including offering staff contracts and ensuring unions were no longer automatic staff representatives during disputes and consultations.

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2 Mar 2006