Melbourne theologian says evolution religious language dated

Ennio Mantovani svd, lecturer in culture and Christianity at the Yarra Theological Union, said that the theological language used in the discussion of evolution and faith is out of date.

Mantovani, writing in the latest edition of the Australasian Catholic Record (ARC), calls for Christians to "distinguish the faith we received from the language and terms we use to express it and to pass it on".

"There is an urgent need to develop a theology and a theological language that can talk to all believers, whether 'creationists' or 'evolutionists'," he said. "The danger is that people might stop listening because of the language which is out of tune with their every day knowledge and/or experience."

Evolution is also the theme of an article by Neil Vaney sm, a Marist priest teaching moral theology at Good Shepherd College, Auckland, who examines the Darwinian legacy, noting that modern science such as DNA has confirmed the validity of Charles Darwin's insights.

"Darwin's basic insights contain much truth. What I will argue, however, is that into his science he unwittingly imported philosophical elements from authors such as Malthus and Newton," he said.

Fr Vaney explores what he terms "the Naturalist assault upon Religion" and what he sees as Naturalism's corrosive effect on universities, before putting forward an alternative Christian view of creation, based on the works of St Thomas Aquinas.

Other articles in the ACR include "Unravelling the Complexities of the 'Original Sin' Tradition", by John Thornhill sm, "Si Deus, Unde Malum?: A Critical Evaluation of Augustine's Theodicy", by Vincent Battaglia, and "Biblical Covenants and Aboriginal Religious Traditions", by John Wilcken. Dr Warwick Neville, an Australian Research Council Doctoral Scholar at the Australian National University provides a commentary on the legal and public policy issues surrounding the Papal Allocution "Persons in Vegetative State Deserve Proper Care", while Fr Geoffrey Plant provides reflections on the Sunday readings.

Is evolution compatible with Christianity? (Australasian Catholic Record)

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2 Mar 2006