Townsville Cathedral set for June completion

Work on the refurbishment of Townsville's landmark Sacred Heart Cathedral is in full swing, with funding from the community expected to bring the cathedral up to contemporary standards in time for the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The Townsville Bulletin reports that the Director of Parish Life and Ministry Len Horner (pictured) said construction of car parking areas and landscaping is under way.

"It looks like a bomb has hit it at the moment," Mr Horner said. "There is a lot of earthworks and excavation happening around the cathedral.

"All the internal repairs, new lighting, sound system and flooring will be finished on schedule."

The glass for the windows is no longer manufactured and specially rolled and coloured glass which closely matches the original has been ordered from the USA.

As much of the original glass as possible is being preserved to retain the aesthetics of the cathedral.

Bishop Michael Putney said community support for the project has been overwhelming.

"Historically, cathedrals and churches have always been built by the communities, some taking up to 400 years to build," Bishop Putney said. "It is important that the refurbished cathedral is viewed as a place of worship for the entire North Queensland community.

"Our cathedral will be restored as a beautiful city landmark," he continued. "I am delighted that we have entered the final stretch in the cathedral's refurbishment."

"We hope to reopen the cathedral on the Feast of the Sacred Heart on 23 June this year. People will be amazed at how beautiful our cathedral will be. It will have been worth the wait."

Funding to finalise the refurbishment received a major boost with the announcement last year of the Sunland Sacred Heart Cathedral House Project. The fundraising project will involve the construction of a four-bedroom home in Bushland Beach that will be auctioned in August.

Church set for finish in June (Townsville Bulletin 15/2/06)

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15 Feb 2006