Caritas funds election booklet to support Solomons democracy

The Catholic Church in the Solomon Islands has commenced distribution of an election awareness booklet funded by Caritas Australia.

The Vatican's Fides news agency reports that the book - with the Pijin title Solomon Aelan Hemi Han Blong Iumi - has been produced to inform Solomon Islanders about the importance of their vote in the forthcoming 2006 National Elections.

Using everyday examples, such as building a house with good timber, etc., it brings out the qualities of good leadership and how people can identify these qualities in their leader. Bible extracts and highlighting the examples of Christ, strengthen the message", according to Adam Elliot, Caritas Solomon Islands.

The booklet was originally produced in Bouganville in preparation for last year's vote for the autonomous Bouganville Government.

With funding from Caritas Australia and the support of Caritas Solomon Islands, the book has been adapted to suit the local situation.

The 2000 copies of the booklet printed are being distributed throughout the Archdiocese of Honiara, the Diocese of Gizo and the Diocese of Auki.

"What is leadership? Who is a leader? Christian principle of good leadership? Who owns the ballot? What is power? Who can destroy this power?" are some of the topics addressed by the booklet.

According to Caritas, the elections will be an important opportunity for the future of the country after years of civil war and social violence and open the way to peace, prosperity and development for the people of Solomons.

"Solomon Islands is in Our Hands": Caritas funds booklet in view of coming elections (Fides 13/2/06)

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15 Feb 2006