Pope tells Congregation to fix minds on Jesus

Pope Benedict XVI spoke to his former colleagues in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that a focus on faith in Christ is the key to their mission.

Cathoilc World News reports that the Holy Father said to them on Friday that unless it is centred on faith in Christ, the life of the Church can "decay into a sort of sterile activism, or deteriorate into mere worldly political guile".

However, when the Church remains focused clearly on Jesus, she "is revived by a love that knows neither rest nor limit," he continued.

The Pope's meeting with the members and consultors of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith included a reminder that their work is a "service to truth," as well as a service to the Church, since "Jesus Christ is the Truth made flesh," and "all other truths are fragments of the Truth that He is, and that leads back to Him."

"Jesus is the pole star of human freedom," the Pontiff continued. Let to his own devices, man is "shackled by egotism," and his understanding of freedom is "distorted and isolated," he said. But faith in Christ transforms the believer, "opening his mind and filling him with joy."

Benedict worked in the Congregation for 23 years before his election to the papacy. He said that his own experience there had been "intense and profitable."

The explosion of scientific knowledge in recent years has posed a challenge for the Church, Pope Benedict said. Although some scientists see a conflict between scientific reason and religious faith, the Pontiff stressed that the Church must reject that idea, "in the certainty that there is no cause for competition of any kind between reason and faith." Instead, he said, the Church should seek "a deeper understanding of the truths discovered by reason," and welcome the new questions raised by scientific discovery.

Focus on faith in Christ, Pope reminds Vatican officials (Catholic World News 10/2/06)

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13 Feb 2006