Catholic and Evangelical students join Muslims in RU-486 fight

The Australian Catholic Students Association has issued a joint statement together with the Muslim Students Association of Australia and the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, urging the nation's political leaders to oppose current reforms before the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia articulated in The Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Repeal of Ministerial Responsibility of RU-486) Bill 2005.

The joint statement, presented as a sign that many young people feel strongly and are concerned about the effects of the drug, recognises RU-486 as a serious social issue that will impact on the lives of many young Australians, especially young women.

"We The Muslim Students Association of Australia, The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students and The Australian Catholic Students Association note the particular affect the availability of this drug will have on tertiary students. Many students have financial difficulties and other particular challenges when faced with pregnancy: taking a pill that may seriously damage the health of the mother is not a message that should be sent out to students, this is not a solution," the Statement said.

"This is not simply a pro-life versus pro-choice debate but an issue that will affect the health of women. It raises the question as to who will be responsible if an Australian woman died as a consequence of taking the drug - a faceless bureaucrat or an elected Parliamentarian."

Joanna Hayes, spokesperson for the joint statement remarked, "The recommendations made by the Senate Committee Report calling for increased support services for pregnant women and independent counselling are welcome. Now the Parliament must increase support services and reject the RU486 bill before the house."

Aaron Russell, Acting President of The Australian Catholic Students Association declared" "This is the first time that we have worked together in such a dramatic way as this. The issue of RU-486 is one that unites young people irrespective of religious affiliation or belief".

The joint statement notes that the various associations will continue to encourage their members to make submissions to their elected Members of Parliament and Senators, to lobby and rally against the legislation even if the Senate votes in favour this week and that they will continue in their united opposition to RU-486.

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9 Feb 2006