Loreto Sisters meeting

For a week beginning today, 88 sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary will gather in Sydney for their Provincial Congregation.

The meeting aims to give an account of developments in the Congregation over the past eight years, and to to plan together for the future. The sisters will also elect delegates who will go to an international General Congregation in September, where they will meet with delegates from other provinces and will elect the next General Superior and her Council. The September gathering will be in Peru, the Loretos' smallest region.

For one day of the meeting, a number of the Congregation's co-workers will join the sisters to look at issues from Australia and around the world, which have been grouped under headings which look at the identity and meaning of religious life today, and the way they organise their lives together and the works for which they are responsible. They will also investigate new ways of enhancing our outreach, and ways of sharing their spirituality and action for justice.

Loreto Sisters gather (Loreto Online)

8 Feb 2006