Vinnies merging Sydney city homeless services

St Vincent de Paul Society's Sydney Archdiocesan Council President, Les Mico, has announced the joining of its homeless service at Surry Hills, Vincentian Village, with Sydney's best known homeless service, The Mathew Talbot Hostel, Woolloomooloo.

The Talbot is operated by the Society's NSW State Council under the governance of the Matthew Talbot Management Committee, led by its President and former State President, Mr Pat O'Flynn. Vincentian Village will become part of Matthew Talbot Homeless Facilities.

Mr Mico announced the change as a major step forward for the Society's inner city approach to caring for homeless people, particularly for families, women and their children.

"Our Sydney Archdiocesan Council and the Society's State Council believe, after ongoing discussion for over twelve months, that by bringing The Talbot and Vincentian Village under one Management Committee, Vinnies can deliver more effective help and support to homeless clients.

"Providing better outcomes through the integration of services for people who come to us in the most dire of circumstances is at the heart of this change," Mr Mico said.

According to Mr Pat O'Flynn of the Matthew Talbot, the new arrangement has the full support of the funding body, the Department of Community Services (DOCS) and the strategy is totally aligned with DOCS preferred view of greater collaboration and cooperation across inner city homeless services.

"The managers, staff, volunteers and clients are being advised of the new management structure and will meet with the Management Committee in the coming days in preparation for the future. "Both the Talbot and Vincentian Village have led the sector in collaborating with educators to provide access and support for formerly homeless clients to undertake study as part of their journey out of homelessness.

"Living skills education, music, and the arts have been effective in building the confidence and self esteem of people who have suffered the deprivations associated with having no where to live for prolonged periods.

"One of the many benefits of the joining of these two homeless services will be full collaboration in such initiatives with the winners being our clients", Mr O'Flynn concluded.

Vinnies merges Inner city Homeless Services (St Vincent de Paul Society 5/2/06)

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6 Feb 2006