Winning design for World Youth Day

A Brisbane Catholic student is among four winners of the Sydney World Youth Day 2008 "Ignite the Flame" logo competition.

The Catholic Leader reports that Kathryn King, who is college captain at St Mary's College, Ipswich, will join Christopher Simon from Sydney Archdiocese, Sarah Fitzwilliam from Wollongong diocese and Aidan James from Melbourne archdiocese for the handover of the World Youth Day Cross and Icon in Rome in April.

Catholic students and parishioners across Australia were asked for "help to inspire the official World Youth Day design team as they evolve the official logo".

World Youth Day 2008 Evangelisation and Catechesis Projects co-ordinator, Jo Grainger, said the selection process is tougher than many people expected.

In coming to their final recommendation, the members of the World Youth Day 2008 team were guided by four criteria - how did the design connect to the World Youth Day 2008 theme, how strong was the theological explanation of the elements of the design, what was the story behind the designer, and how did the overall look and feel of the design reflect the values and beliefs of World Youth Day.

Winning design for World Youth Day (Catholic Leader 24/2/06)

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24 Feb 2006