Pope says lack of peace shows paralysis of sin

The lack of justice and peace in the world is a sign that despite people's good intentions, sin still paralyzes many of them, Pope Benedict XVI has said.

Catholic News Service reports that during his Angelus speech on Sunday, the Holy Father said that the day's Gospel reading about Jesus forgiving the sins of the paralyzed man and healing him demonstrates that Christ's primary mission is to heal souls.

"The paralysed man is the image of every human being impeded by sin from moving freely, from walking on the path of goodness, from giving the best of himself," the pope said.

"Evil, nesting in the soul, binds man with the ropes of lies, anger, envy and the other sins, and paralyses him little by little," he said.

The presence of sin prevents humanity from fully developing "those values of brotherhood, justice and peace" which are celebrated and proclaimed in solemn declarations signed by most countries in the world, he said.

Pope Benedict said there obviously are many complex reasons for the failure of the international community to realize the ideals it proclaims, but the Gospel calls Christians to trust that Christ can and will heal the world.

"Only the love of God can renew the heart of man, and only if it is healed in its heart can paralysed humanity get up and walk," he said. "The love of God is the true force that will renew the world."

Lack of justice, peace shows sin still paralyzes people, pope says (Catholic News Service 20/2/06)

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22 Feb 2006