Pell promises Church 'won't bully on abortion'

Catholic counsellors would not bully or pressure a woman who was seeking proposed taxpayer-funded counselling on abortion, Cardinal Pell said yesterday.

The Australian/AAP reports that Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott asked his cabinet colleagues to back a $60 million plan to reduce the number of abortions in Australia, which he has described as a "legacy of unutterable shame".

The plan includes Medicare-funded pregnancy counselling and a 24-hour phone hotline for women considering an abortion. An announcement on whether cabinet signed off on the plan is expected by the end of the week.

Mr Abbott has not ruled out allowing church groups to run the phone hotline - but he says if that is the case, religion would not be rammed down the throats of women seeking advice.

Sydney's Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell, told the ABC that the Catholic church is still considering whether it would apply to run the hotline service.

But he said the professionalism of Catholic counsellors should not be questioned.

"Our counsellors are thoroughly professional and respectful and they wouldn't be bullying or pressuring anybody to do anything," he said. "They are used by many people of every religion and no religion precisely because of their competence and respectfulness."

Asked if a Catholic counsellor might advocate abortion in any circumstances, Cardinal Pell said he did not know what advice they would offer.

Cardinal Pell last week intervened in the RU486 debate, warning MPs not to shirk their responsibilities on important moral issues by handing approval power over the drug to the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Catholics 'won't bully on abrtion' (The Australian/AAP 21/2/06)

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22 Feb 2006