Website pushes strategic placement of holy objects

A website based in the US has argued strongly that Catholics can, and must, sanctify spaces by the strategic positioning rosary beads and other holy objects.

Spirit Daily suggests that putting such objects in people's line of sight is part of Catholics' obligation to spread the Gospel message.

"Obviously, not everyone can be a preacher," it says. "But we can be agents of God in many ways."

It says displaying holy objects - especially ones that have been blessed - is "a way of cutting through the spiritual grit of a region and affording ourselves protection". It argues that holy objects "rub off and anoint what they touch".

The website has recently conducted a reader survey, which elicited stories from Catholics who, for example, had hung rosaries from the rearview mirrors of their cars.

"My husband and I both have rosaries hanging in each of our vehicles, and I think it is a nice practice for two reasons," said reader Jennifer Reese. "The first reason, is that I find it pleasant during my hour-long commute... Also, perhaps it can motivate a lapsed-Catholic to begin to look deeper into their own faith when they are driving or walking by a car that has one displayed in this manner. Maybe there are people who, when seeing the rosary, say to themselves, 'You know what? I think this Sunday I am going to go to Mass...'"

Another reader said that she started hanging a rosary in her car when she spotted a Playboy bunny on someone else's rearview mirror.

"So I hung a rosary in compensation to God, kind of like when Christian holidays were created to replace pagan holidays."

To hang rosaries or not to hang them: some claim practice grants protection (Spirit Daily)

17 Feb 2006