Catholic youth hit Brisbane streets to demonstrate faith

Over 500 Catholic youth were expected to converge on the city of Brisbane on Saturday in a public demonstration of their Catholic faith.

The organisers of the Adore 2006 conference issued a statement ahead of the one and a half hour walk through the streets of the Brisbane CBD, which was set to begin at City Hall at 6:45pm and conclude at St Stephen's Cathedral.

Coordinator Ben Bulaong said, "This will be the largest public demonstration of the Catholic faith that has hit the streets of Brisbane in decades. It will be peaceful. It will be prayerful. But expect the enthusiasm and vitality of these young people to make a noise, to stand up for their faith, and for traffic to be stopped as we process down the main streets of Brisbane."

"Over 500 young people are participating in a four day festival celebrating the Catholic faith. The energy and commitment of these young people is incredible. It is a message to the world that the Church in Brisbane and in Australia is not dead. We expect even more young people and families to join in Saturday's march."

The festival-ADORE 2006- is organised by The Alliance of the Holy Family International with the support of the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Archbishop Bathersby and the participation of prominent clergy Bishop Oudeman (Auxiliary Bishop of Brisbane), Bishop Julian Porteous (Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney), Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett (Bishop of Lismore) and various youth groups including The Australian Catholic Students Association.

ADORE 2006 took a "back to basics" approach, to encourage and deepen the faith of young people. It focus was the core element of the Church's teaching, the Body and Blood of Christ.

"I am happy to endorse Adore 2006 Congress in Brisbane...I'm sure the Congress will help participants to understand this mystery of God even more deeply." Archbishop Bathersby said in a letter to the youth gathered for the festival.

Meanwhile Jesuit Fr Gregory Jordan, National Chaplain of The Australian Catholic Students Association declared: "This is the first time in many years that the young people in Brisbane have showed their faith in such a dramatic way as this. A striking demonstration of young people's faith. In this case, in the Eucharist where they fervently believe Christ, the world's Saviour is really present. Their witness is contrary to the usual view of the loss of faith amongst the young."

ADORE 2006 followed ADORE 2004 in Melbourne and ADORE 2005 in Sydney.

Hundreds of Catholic youth to converge on Brisbane's streets in mass demonstration of faith (Adore Catholic Youth Congress 21/1/06)

23 Jan 2006