Bali Nine accused find faith

Heroin mule Scott Rush feels sorrow and regret for what he has done, and hopes to be spared the death penalty, saying he does not deserve a high sentence.

The Courier-Mail reports that Rush, a Catholic who says he has always been religious and had previously read the Bible in his spare time, said he had become more so since his arrest, revealing he had been attending church in jail.

There was surprising camaraderie in the cells yesterday between Rush and alleged ringleader and so-called "godfather" of the operation, Andrew Chan.

Rush and the other accused mules have claimed Chan threatened them with death if they failed to carry out the run.

Rush said he had been attending church with Chan. And when Rush's mother Christine delivered him fast food, Rush gave a cheeseburger to the man he says threatened him.

Chan, 21, from Sydney, for whom the death penalty is a real possibility, said he was not worried about the court outcome.

Asked if he was innocent of the allegations, he refused to comment, saying instead: "I will leave the court to decide that."

But he revealed that "I have God in my hands", saying he too had been attending church, reading the Bible and spending time at prayer.

And asked if he harboured any animosity towards other members of the Bali Nine who had accused him of threatening them, Chan shrugged his shoulders and cocked his eyebrows.

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20 Jan 2006