Bishop condemns plan for wall between USA and Mexico

The Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador, Bishop Gregorio Rosa Chávez has condemned an US project to build a wall separating the USA from Mexico.

Independent Catholic News reports that, speaking at the end of Mass on Sunday, he said: "In Salvador there is a wall between rich and poor that prevents social justice but there is also another wall, which is an offence against human dignity, the one whose construction is wanted at the border between the United States and Mexico."

He was referring to a US project to erect a barrier along the southern border in order to impede the flow of clandestine migrants.

Bishop Chávez said: "I want to join my voice with that of my fellow bishop brothers of Mexico, of the USA and of other countries, some of which have spoken of a 'wall of shame'. It's a contradiction to the Statue of Liberty in New York, a declaration of hatred toward Latin Americans. The wall divides the world in two parts, north and south, but the world is one and humanity is one. Everyone has the right to a dignified life; the people, who leave our country look for a better life and it is an affront to their dignity to be welcomed as criminals."

President Elías Antonio Saca is currently hoping that Washington will give El Salvador a new extension of the so-called 'Temporary Protection Status' granted to thousands of Salvadorians taking refuge in the USA after the earthquakes of 13 January and 13 February 2001, which expire in September. Around 250,000 citizens have benefited from it. In total, 2.4 million Salvadorians reside in the USA.

Bishop condemns plan to build wall between USA and Mexico (Independent Catholic News/MISNA 17/1/06)

18 Jan 2006