Wollongong youth demand spiritual formation

Participants in youth forums in Wollongong Diocese have listed spiritual formation as the top priority for ministry to young people in coming years.

'Spiritual focus' scored 87 votes, compared with social activities (20 votes) and social action (justice and peace - 21 votes).

Aside from the nurturing of faith experiences, good music and meaningful liturgy were also listed as important priorities.

The All About Youth newsletter reports that Bishop Peter Ingham listened to participants at three forums held in November/December: Eagle Vale, Cathedral (Wollongong) and Nowra. It says all participants had a chance to get their idea listed for a key ingredient or strength that is needed to help young adults in our diocese deepen their faith in Jesus Christ in our church.

Most popular themes to support young adults included opportunities to deepen spirituality (87 votes), good music (54 votes), diversity of approaches and events for young adults (49 votes), formation in faith (44 votes), meaningful liturgies (43 votes), youth leadership and youth workers (41 votes each).

Spiritual focus 87
Good music 54
Diversity of approaches 49
Faith formation 44
Meaningful liturgy 43
Youth leadership 41
Youth workers 41
Relevancy to young people 35
School strategies 34
Diocesan youth body 34
Youth gatherings 32
Evangelisation to "Unchurched" 29
Communication between youth 26
Priesthood - support and formation22
Empowerment of young 22
Invitation to be involved 21
Social action (justice and peace) 21
Social activities 20
Mission focus 19
Networking 18
Sharing and gathering resources 17
Professional development 17
Support youth diversity 17
Involvement of youth in ministry 17
Adult support of youth 16
Sustainability of initiatives 15
Interparish youth initiatives 13
Community life 12
Welcoming environment 11
Sharing testimonies 10
Consultation with youth 10
Ecumenism and interfaith link 10
Learning from others 4
Vocational choices 3
International focus 1
Overall approach 1
Consolidation of approaches 0
Philosophical view 0

All About Youth Newsletter (CWLA - NSW Wollongong Diocese - PDF)

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17 Jan 2006