Survey says Christians more generous if taught to give

Church leaders who regularly teach their congregations about giving can expect to find more money in their collection plates, according to a new survey from the UK.

The Australian Christian Channel reports that Christians whose churches teach that people should give at least 10% to church or charity do seem to take note. They give an extra 26%, compared to people whose churches do not teach this.

And the more often a church teaches about giving, the more people give.

The survey was conducted on Christians who attend evangelical churches, which are often thought to be more proactive in teaching about giving than other churches.

Bill Lattimer, of Christian Research, who was responsible for carrying out the recent research on money management among evangelicals, commented: "Church leaders sometimes wonder if their preaching has a real impact on people's behaviour. They are also sometimes reticent about seeming to ask for money. This survey has shown that people do listen and respond to teaching about giving".

Helen Calder, Finance Director of the Evangelical Alliance, said, "These figures show that churches could do more to teach people about how to use their money. Use of the resources that God has given each of us is an integral part of Christian discipleship. We want to encourage churches to teach regularly from the many Bible passages on the use of money."

The 'Money Management' survey of 1200 evangelical Christians, from all the main Protestant denominations, such as Anglican, Baptist and the Salvation Army, was sponsored by Kingdom Bank. Some of the questions were framed by the Stewardship Forum of the Evangelical Alliance, which helps Christians develop their understanding and practice of biblical principles of stewardship.

Survey says Christians more generous if taught about giving by their churches (Ramon Williams/Australian Christian TV 12/1/06)

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13 Jan 2006