Catholic doctors highlight 'dysfunctional' finding on pill

A group of Queensland Catholic doctors believes new research revealing that taking the contraceptive pill could cause sexual dysfunction shows the drug is not everything it is claimed to be.

The Catholic Leader reports that research by the University of Massachusetts shows libido levels have been found to drop when women take the Pill and even after they stop taking it.

A Catholic Medical Guild of St Luke spokesman Dr Tony Huynh told the Leader that the Pill is not something that should be a part of family life.

Dr Huynh said the media was now picking up negative reports about the Pill because of the negative effects it had on women. More than 100 million women around the world take the Pill.

The findings by Dr Irwin Goldstein and Claudia Panzer from Boston cast doubt on previous studies that claimed sex drive was restored within a month of coming off the Pill.

Dr Goldstein and Dr Panzer studied 125 women who were patients at a sexual dysfunction clinic - 62 were taking the Pill, 40 had previously taken it and 23 had never taken it.

Levels of SHGB were seven times higher in women who took the Pill than those who did not.

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13 Jan 2006