Pope says 'no' to gay marriage, abortion pill

Pope Benedict, speaking in the context of this year's Italian general elections, yesterday condemned gay marriage and the use of the so-called "abortion pill"..

Reuters reports that he was immediately attacked by gay leaders and leftist politicians who accused him of interfering in domestic affairs.

The Holy Father, speaking to political leaders of the Rome region, said marriage is not a "casual, sociological entity" but "a question of the correct relationship between a man and a woman".

Italy goes to the polls on 9 April. The elections will pit former European Commission president Romano Prodi's centre-left grouping known as "The Union" against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's ruling centre-right. Italy's Catholic Church has already served notice to the center-left that it will fight any move to recognise civil partnership for unwed heterosexual couples and gay couples. Prodi has promised some form of recognition for unmarried couples but has stopped short of supporting gay marriage.

In his address, the Pope said the defence of traditional marriage was "not a peculiarity of Catholic moral teaching but part of an elementary truth regarding our common humanity".

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13 Jan 2006