Priest weighs in on alcohol placement debate

A Geelong parish priest has welcomed community discussion of alcohol abuse, following a local controversy over the selling of alcohol in a section of a recently refurbished supermarket that is accessible to children.

The laws of some states require alcohol to be sold in segregated sections of supermarkets, but Victoria leaves it up to the discretion of supermarkets themselves.

Acting Coles store manager at Waurn Ponds Paul Clark admitted to the Geelong Advertiser that the store is selling alcohol off the shelf rather than through a dedicated Liquorland store.

St Mary's parish priest Fr Kevin Dillon said although he does not have a specific problem with the positioning of liquor in the store, it was a timely reminder of the overall alcohol issue.

"I would think we don't necessarily want alcohol available under every area but there are a lot more significant problems," he said.

"It's not the availability, more the attitude toward widespread social problems. Our society has a problem with alcohol on many levels and it costs us a fortune."

Bread, milk and VBs (Geelong Advertiser 11/1/05)

12 Jan 2006