Germans want more energetic Catholic teaching

The great majority of German Catholics believe it is important that children and young people be given a more active and intense presentation of the faith, according to a poll carried out among some three thousand German Catholics.

CLICK HEREcatholicireland.net reports that the results of the poll, revealed by the Work of St. Boniface, show 86% consider instruction in the faith to be urgently needed, and 71% complained about the lack of formation in the faith.

Asked about the most significant person in handing on the faith, first place went to parents or some relative (97% rating), next came a priest or religious (73% rating), then a religion teacher (43% rating), and others (18% rating).

64% said society makes it difficult for young people to become interested in the faith. Asked about the message they would send to people today, "God welcomes you without buts or conditions" rated 68%, "Seek peace among people," 33%and "Life after death" 62%.

The majority of those surveyed said passing on the faith to one's children is extremely important.

Germans want more energetic Catholic teaching (catholicireland.net 10/1/06)

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11 Jan 2006