Nuns use ringtones to attract vocations

The website of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity in Wisconsin is offering free ringtones featuring a woman singing the words "called to be", which is part of the nuns' "Peace and All Good" theme song.

CLICK HERE"As consecrated women we are encouraged by our church to make known the beauty and truth of our lives through the marvels of technology," vocations promoter Sr Julie Ann Sheahan told the National Catholic Reporter.

"We hope our simple, beautiful 'called to be' ringtone may inspire young women to discover and discern their unique call from God."

The ringtones are linked to a TV ad campaign, which was prompted by a marketing study undertaken by the sisters. The study showed that television programming with religious or moral messages reaches their target group of college-age women who are open to the call to religious life.

"Young women in contact with our vocation office have told me how decisive and selective they try to be when deciding which programs to watch or Web sites to visit," said Sr Sheahan. "Most do make TV viewing choices based on their faith beliefs."

So the sisters developed a series of six television advertisements -- to complement current radio and print advertising -- built around the community's signature line: "The world needs you. God calls you. We invite you."

TV ads, ringtones used to attract vocations (National Catholic Reporter 9/1/06)

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Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity

10 Jan 2006