Pax Christi report seeks commitment to peace in Colombia

Seeking to deepen its commitment to peace and human rights in Colombia, Pax Christi International organised five visits to the country between 2002 and 2005, which culminated in last week's release of a major report.

The report aimed to review key aspects of the present violent reality in Colombia with emphasis on the continuous conflict and its effects on the victims of the violence and those who work with these victims. It also sought to support the efforts of the Catholic Church there to end the conflict through non-violent means and promote peace and justice.

Pax Christi has undertaken the initiative in partnership with local and international Church offices and NGOs.

The visits and this report give special status and emphasis to the perspectives and experiences of those who suffer most as the direct result of a prolonged period of conflict. This report also gives attention, though not exclusively, to the contributions of the Catholic Church and its efforts towards achieving peace.

The report analyses the situation in light of the values of faith as found in Scriptures and the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

It recommends efforts to end the conflict by reducing US demand for drugs, through evidence-based prevention strategies and improved access to high quality treatment. It also urges the US to use its leverage far more vigorously in support of human rights and the rule of law, through both diplomatic measures and the conditioning of foreign assistance, and by supporting a strong judiciary and an independent human rights sector.

New Report of Pax Christi International "Seeking Peace in Colombia" (Pax Christi 27/1/06)

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31 Jan 2006