Day of action to fight abortion drug move

Catholic Church organisations are supporting a National Day of Action planned for Sunday (January 29), by Australians Against RU486, to campaign against the RU486 abortion bill now before the Senate and due to be voted on in a matter of days.

The Catholic Weekly reports that Fr Eugene Ahern, a campaign co-ordinator and parish priest at St Francis Xavier Church, Frankston, Melbourne, says the aim "is to get worshippers at churches all over Australia writing letters to the senators from their state on this day".

"Every effort will be made to maximise the number of letters written to the 76 senators who will decide the fate of the bill and ultimately the thousands of Australian babies who would die if RU486 is allowed into Australia," he said.

"We want to maximise the number of letters written by getting every possible church involved."

He added: "I am delighted that so many of my fellow Catholic priests right around Australia have taken up the challenge and are leading their parishes in the fight against RU486, which has been rightly described as 'a lethal human pesticide'. "People need only write short letters. What is important is that we all write as many letters as we can."

Australians Against RU486 is a coalition of concerned groups and individuals, including pro-choice people, campaigning on ethical and medical grounds to keep a ban on RU486.

Day of action to fight abortion drug move (Catholic Weekly 27/1/07)

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27 Jan 2006