Nicole dreams of Mary MacKillop Chapel wedding

According to a report in the London Sun yesterday, actor Nicole Kidman is determined to have a traditional Catholic wedding, and has been looking for a suitable venue around Sydney.

She is considering her favourite chapel - the Mary MacKillop chapel of the Sisters of St Joseph in North Sydney - but it "may be too public", according to the paper's sources.

Kidman is engaged to Australian country musician Keith Urban.

"Planning for the big bash is already well underway with the Sydney ceremony looking set to be a full-on church service with a Catholic mass," says The Sun.

It says that Kidman was raised in the faith but was obliged to dabble in Scientology after marrying fellow actor Tom Cruise.

Due to work commitments that ceremony was a quick affair so now Nicole is desperate to live out all those white-wedding fantasies in her favourite chapel with Keith.

A source told The Sun: "Nicole has always dreamed of a lavish church wedding and it's finally going to happen in March. She's been looking for the right venue around Sydney and is considering her favourite chapel. But it may be too public."

Ironically, Nicole's former husband had an early interest in Catholicism. Before becoming a Hollywood megastar, Tom was seriously considering being a priest.

Nicole's conversion back to the Church of Rome may also put strain on her relationship with Tom and their adopted kids Isabella and Connor, who have been raised as Scientologists.

The source added: "Nicole attended Scientology meetings with Tom but it put a strain on the marriage. In the last two years she has rediscovered her Catholic faith and has been going to church and attending bible classes."

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25 Jan 2006