Holy See protests against beating of nuns in China

The Vatican roundly condemned violence perpetrated against 16 nuns in Xian Province, and expressed its concern for six priests of the unofficial priest who were arrested in Zhengding.

CLICK HEREAsiaNews reports that following an attack a week ago against the Franciscan missionary nuns. and the 18 November arrest of the priests in Hebei, Holy See Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro Valls released a statement that asserted that the violence against the church personnel "can only be firmly condemned".

He said: "New agencies have recently reported on two regrettable incidents, suffered respectively by the Franciscan Sisters of Xi'an and by six priests in the Diocese of Zhengding. Though it is not possible to verify these incidents in terms of the exact extent of circumstances, news of them are, nevertheless, the source of grief and disapproval."

Dr Navarro Valls said that the detention of the six priests of Zhengding, as with previous cases involving various priests in other locations, is cause for "serious concern".

"As on previous occasions, the reasons for the coercive measures taken against them are unknown," he concluded.

Nuns beaten in Xian and arrested priests: the Holy See releases a statement (AsiaNews.it 30/11/05)

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31 Dec 2005