Editorial says gays document also targets macho priests

A comment published yesterday on the Australian Jesuits' website says the Vatican's document on the admission of homosexuals to seminaries presents the ideal of a mature priest as a criterion for admission to priesthood, and therefore its conclusions are "pertinent also to heterosexual men".

CLICK HEREThe editorial, published jointly by Eureka Street magazine, recognises that the Vatican has a strong interest in the quality of the candidates it selects for ordination because the lives and attitudes of priests who preach the Gospel are important in sustaining or weakening assent to teaching.

The editorial argues that the document presents the ideal of a mature priest - rather than a heterosexual orientation - as a criterion for admission to priesthood.

"The mature priest can live happily and faithfully a celibate life, presumably without sexual repression, suppression, depression or expression... Its appeal to maturity means that its conclusions would be pertinent also to heterosexual men."

The editorial attributes special significance to the Instruction's reference to those with 'a more deep-seated tendency'.

"This phrase is also found in previous documents, but it is nowhere closely defined. Its meaning is significant, for if it implied no more than that people recognise their homosexuality as abiding, it would reflect negatively on the ministry of many priests and bishops in the Catholic Church. But in previous documents, tendency appears to denote not only sexual identity, but an inclination to act out sexual desires. A deep-rooted tendency would indicate a strong need to do so."

Referring to the exclusion of those who 'support the so-called gay culture', the editorial suggests that "an identity sexualised in this way might also be inconsistent with the emotional maturity required to live celibacy happily. But so surely would support for a macho culture."

Homosexuality and Catholic Priesthood (Jesuits Australia/Eureka Street 30/11/05)

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31 Dec 2005