Pell says abolishing death penalty won't be easy

Cardinal George Pell of Sydney has said that while the Church opposes capital punishment, it will be an uphill battle to persuade political leaders in the South East Asia to change their laws.

CLICK HEREOn Friday, 25-year-old Australian drug smuggler Van Nguyen was executed in Singapore. The ABC reported yesterday that Prime Minister John Howard said he was pessimistic about Australia's ability to convince its neighbours to end the death penalty.

Cardinal Pell said that sensitivity is needed in pursuing such an aim.

"The difficulty is to be active in a way that might help our cause," Cardinal Pell said. "You could very easily try to be active in this area and be counter-productive. I welcome any sorts of activities that's likely to convince our neighbours not to use the death penalty."

Meanwhile Melbourne Archdiocesan vicar general Monsignor Les Tomlinson stressed that while the Church strongly opposes the death penalty, it certainly did not condone Van Nguyen's crime.

But Monsignor Tomlinson said Nguyen openly admitted his crime and dealt with his fate by turning to God.

"There is no disputing he was guilty of a crime and there is no disputing it should be punished," he said.

Monsignor Tomlinson said capital punishment was not "a solution for any crime".

"Some people have mistakenly thought the church was minimising the significance of his crime and thought the church was trying to condone or trivialise what he had done," Monsignor Tomlinson said. "He didn't try to minimise the enormity of his crime."

St Patrick's Cathedral in East Melbourne will become the centre of worldwide interest at Nguyen's funeral on Wednesday when his family, friends and the wider community will reflect on his life.

Monsignor Tomlinson said Nguyen was a striking example of how faith in God helped to accept one's death and in turn, gave comfort to loved ones who were consumed with grief.

"He is a man who is guilty of a crime, he admitted it, and he was given a death by hanging," Monsignor Tomlinson said.

"When all failed, he accepted the sentence and no doubt buoyed up by the faith he found with God.

"His faith was the source of help to those around him to give them comfort in their distress."

Pell recognises challenge of death penalty abolition (ABC News 4/12/05)
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5 Dec 2005