Pope tells theologians theology is grounded in faith

Pope Benedict XVI has said that theology is an academic discipline that must follow the rules of scientific inquiry, but Catholic theology flows from faith and recognises the authority of the church.

CLICK HERECatholic News Service reports that the Holy Father met yesterday with members of the International Theological Commission, a board he presided over for 24 years as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

In his speech to the group - which includes Australian Redemptorist Fr Tony Kelly - Pope Benedict said that Catholic theology is conducted "always within and for the church, in fidelity to the apostolic tradition."

"The work of the theologian, therefore, must take place in communion with the living magisterium of the church and under its authority," he continued.

The pope said a theologian must be academically competent but the theologian also must have "the spirit of faith and the humility of one who knows that the living and true God, the object of his reflection, infinitely surpasses human abilities."

Pope Benedict said he knows people will ask: "But defined in this way, is theology still a science and does it conform to our reason?"

Scientific discipline, rationality and "thinking in communion with the church not only do not exclude each other, they go together," he said.

Catholic theology flows from faith in God, pope tells theologians (Catholic News Service 1/12/05)

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2 Dec 2005