Christmas 'pokes holes in the dark' at Boystown

The Director of Mission at Boystown in Queensland, Br Bill Firman has said that for the lonely, and those despairing in darkness, it is often caring organisations that offer a shining light of hope at Christmas.

He quoted Robert Louis Stevenson: "I see something wonderful. There's man coming down the street poking holes in he dark."

Br Firman said that most people look forward to Christmas, but not all.

"For some people Christmas highlights their pain and loneliness. It reminds them of the things they do not have," he said. "Christmas can be especially difficult for young people who have no-one with whom they can celebrate, no-one who brings light into their darkness."

BoysTown doesn't cease caring at Christmas. BoysTown's counselling service, Kids Help Line, and the various crisis intervention services continue to operate because meeting the need can be more critical during the festive season.

Last Christmas provided a powerful example. On Christmas Eve four little girls, the youngest aged 4 and the oldest aged 12 were dropped off in a taxi at the BoysTown Beaudesert Residential Care Centre with a note from their mother saying she couldn't care for them anymore. The oldest was extremely upset because her sisters still believed in Santa. She worried how they would cope with no Mum, no home and no Santa.

BoysTown took them in, gave them warm beds to sleep in, a Christmas tree, a Christmas party and, most importantly of all, Santa did come.

"Santa, a visiting Brother from Papua New Guinea, delighted in handing out the presents. The unbridled happiness on those little girls faces transformed a simple dinner into a wonderful feast," Brother Bill said.

"BoysTown poked a hole in what could have been darkness. The light of Christmas came into those lives. Those little girls now believed that all was not hopeless, that something good could happen for them."

BoysTown relies upon community support, including donations and the sale of lottery tickets, to provide their vital services. To make a donation please contact 1800 552 033 or log on to www.boystown.com.au/donations

Christmas - a time for Light (Boystown)

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23 Dec 2005