Woman crushed to death in cathedral

A woman praying in a cathedral in Argentina has met an horrific death after a stained glass panel fell from the ceiling and struck her.

CLICK HEREThe Universe reports that the woman was kneeling in prayer at the main altar in the cathedral in Catamarca, which lies in the remote north west of the predominantly Catholic South American nation when the panel broke free from the high ceiling of the church.

Police said three other people were injured by the falling panel, including a woman who was hospitalised with a serious head injury. TV footage broadcast across Argentina showed shattered glass inside the cathedral.

Church authorities ordered the cathedral to be temporarily closed, despite the fact that the incident occurred just hours before it was due to host an annual feast of celebrations dedicated to the Virgin Mary which attracts hundreds of worshippers.

Completed in 1869, the cathedral fronts a major downtown square in Catamarca, a provincial capital 1000 km northwest of Buenos Aires. Its large central nave extends nearly 60 metres in length and a central cupola soars some 42 metres in height.

Woman crushed to death in cathedral (The Universe 17/12/05)

19 Dec 2005