Intelligent design a 'non-event' for NSW Catholic schools

Catholic schools have distanced themselves from the furore surrounding the teaching of intelligent design in science classes, insisting the theory must be discussed only in religion classes.

CLICK HEREToday's Sydney Morning Herald quotes the executive director of the NSW Catholic Education Commission, Brian Croke, who told the paper's reporter: "For Catholic schools, intelligent design is simply a non-event."

In September, Sydney's Cardinal George Pell said that while the theory of evolution is compatible with the church's teaching, it is sometimes taught "in an anti-God way" and he'd "be happy for [science teachers] to talk about design or intelligent design [ID]".

The main focus of today's Herald article is a NSW Greens call for the stripping of funds from private schools that "teach the intelligent design 'myth' as science".

The paper said an advocate of intelligent design, state MP, Rev Fred Nile, said it was a "ridiculous intimidating threat" and he staunchly defended the right of schools to challenge Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in science classes.

Leading advocates of the theory are Christian community and Seventh Day Adventist schools, with many already teaching the controversial American doctrine.

Government funding figures obtained by the Greens show that about 80 Christian community schools in NSW received more than $140 million in taxpayer funding during a one-year period. They educated 25,000 students and received $98 million in federal funding in 2003 and $42 million from the State Government in 2003-04.

The 23 NSW Seventh Day Adventist Schools received $19.8 million in the same period for 4200 students - $13.3 million from the Federal Government and $6.5 million from the state.

Cut funds to myth advocates: Greens (Sydney Morning Herald 15/11/05)

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15 Nov 2005