Nurse educator puts care at heart of 'art' of nursing

Fledgling nurses from the Australian Catholic University Brisbane Campus have been advised to treat each patient as if they were their mother.

CLICK HEREA good nurse communicates successfully, and cares, said ACU National Professor of Nursing Dr Paul Fulbrook, giving the 13th Fabiola Oration at the recent annual Nursing Convocation at ACU National.

"No matter where we are on the career ladder we have no excuse for not caring," Professor Fulbrook said. "For me, caring is the essence of nursing, and no matter how good we think we are we, can always get better." He went on to say that nursing is an art, and therefore it can always be improved upon.

"As you learn more about your practice and your patients you will begin to develop what some nurse theorists have referred to as nursing craft. Essentially, this is the creativity that you, as a nurse, bring to each and every encounter you have with people. Although there may be many similarities, every person is a unique individual who requires a unique approach, which will be crafted by you."

The annual Fabiola Oration is named after a Roman matron of noble birth who converted to Christianity and became a disciple of St. Jerome, dedicating her considerable wealth and energies to the care of the sick, founding, in Rome, the first civilian public hospital in western Europe, and tending personally to the wounded and diseased on a daily basis.

"St Jerome, her teacher and spiritual advisor, remarked that there was no patient whose disease was so repulsive that Fabiola refused to nurse him herself," Professor Fulbrook said. "She is reported to have walked the streets of Rome in search of the sick, the dying, and the abandoned, sometimes carrying them to the hospital on her own shoulders. Her life became a model of Christian love and charity."

"Caring" the heart of the "art" of ACU National nurses (Australian Catholic University 31/10/05)

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1 Nov 2005