Survey says missing Mass doesn't make Catholics 'bad'

A national survey of US Catholics has reported that 76% of the respondents said they could be good Catholics without fulfilling the weekly Mass obligation.

Catholic News Service reports that a majority also said that a person could be a good Catholic without obeying church teachings on birth control, on abortion and on divorce and remarriage.

There was also overwhelming support for belief in the resurrection of Jesus and in Mary as the mother of God.

The results were discussed at a news conference in Washington on Thursday organised by the National Catholic Reporter. The newspaper was one of the sponsors of the survey and had published the results in late September. The sampling size of 875 respondents had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Respondents say skipping weekly Mass doesn't make one a bad Catholic (Catholic News Service 11/11/05)

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14 Nov 2005