Scientists, theologians to explore infinity

Scientists and theologians will discuss the concept of infinity at a conference to be held at the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome in the coming week.

CLICK HERECatholic World News reports that the event is the first international gathering of a project titled STOQ: science, technology, and the ontological quest.

At a media conference yesterday, Cardinal Paul Poupard, the president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, explained that the purpose of STOQ is "to create a new climate of dialogue within the Catholic Church", encouraging scientists and theologians to share their insights.

The project, he said, is an effort at "changing the mentality of believers toward the sciences," while at the same time giving scientists an opportunity to explore the theologians' approach to ultimate questions.

Professor Rodolfo Guzzi of the Italian space agency said that the STOQ conference will "study the conceptions of infinity that emerge from physics, cosmology, and mathematics."

The discussion, he said, would be aimed at finding common ground among the different fields, "in order to create as unitary a view as possible."

The STOQ conference will bring together scientists from leading universities such as Oxford and Princeton, as well as Catholic theologians and two rabbis.

Scientists, theologians to explore infinity (Catholic World News 3/11/05)

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4 Nov 2005