Seminary bishop says gays document 'helpful'

Bishop Julian Porteous, Rector of the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Sydney, has said the Vatican guidelines on the admission of homosexual candidates for the priesthood is helpful because is clarifies the duties of personnel in charge of seminaries.

CLICK HEREDetails in the document have been leaked in recent weeks. It sets out the requirement that, before admission to ordination, the person in charge of the candidate "must arrive at a morally certain judgment on his qualities".

This includes ensuring the man does "not present disturbances of a sexual nature, which are incompatible with the priesthood", such as being a practising homosexual or having deep-seated homosexual tendencies.

If the tendency exists, but was of a "transitory" nature, "for example, that of an adolescence not yet superseded", it was not a bar to ordination, provided the man could prove his ability to remain celibate.

Bishop Porteous told The Australian that a deep-seated homosexual tendency would be in evidence where "a person has not yet been able to effectively manage their homosexual tendencies, where there is still deep struggle and perhaps a level of confusion".

It is also unacceptable to support "gay culture', which Bishop Porteous said means regarding a homosexual lifestyle as a valid alternative to a heterosexual lifestyle.

Meanwhile Pope Benedict XVI warned that candidates should not lie about their sexuality in order to gain admission to a seminary. He said that "such a deceitful attitude" contradicts the required personality of a priest, which should be characterised by a "spirit of truth, loyalty and openness".

Don't hide sexuality: Pope (The Australian 30/11/05)

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30 Nov 2005