Bishops assert opposition to abortion pill

In one of their statements at the end of last week's Plenary meeting in Sydney, the Australian Catholic Bishops set out the reasons for the opposition to the RU-486 abortion pill.

CLICK HEREThey suggested that the constant resurfacing of the abortion question in Australia reflects "deep unease in our community about the fact that one in four pregnancies ends in abortion".

The Bishops pointed out that there are around 90,000 abortions in Australia each year, and that research shows that nearly three quarters of Australians think that this rate is far too high.

"Yet rather than focusing attention upon positive strategies to help women continue with their pregnancies, we are now hearing calls for the introduction of yet another method of abortion. This chemical solution to a major social and personal problem is no solution at all," they said.

The Bishops argued that the introduction of chemical abortion through the RU-486 drug will do nothing to reduce the incidence of abortion in Australia, and that it may even increase the numbers.

"Access to yet another method of abortion will further erode respect for the value of human life. Research suggests that more women will be damaged physically, psychologically and spiritually," they said.

They said that the serious safety concerns are particularly worrying for those women who, because of geographical or personal isolation, may be unable to access emergency medical services.

"Given the mixed reports about the dangers of this drug, our community needs the time for the fullest consideration of all the evidence and should not be rushed into legislative change."

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28 Nov 2005