State's plan to rename chaplains 'Christian Volunteers'

Plans by the South Australian Education Department to rename state school chaplains as "Christian volunteers" have been denounced by the State Opposition as political correctness gone mad.

CLICK HEREChristian Today reports that Education spokeswoman for the South Australian Liberals, Vickie Chapman, made the announcement in Parliament on Tuesday that the Education Department is proposing the change in title.

The South Australian Opposition, however, denounced the proposals to rename state school chaplains as "Christian volunteers" was political correctness gone mad, according to ABC News.

Education Minister Jane Lomax-Smith said the proposed change of terms form part of the review currently underway of an agreement with the heads of Christian churches to meet new child protection guidelines relating to volunteers.

Ms Chapman said: "The Minister has advised that this is no longer acceptable for them to be referred to as chaplains and that they will now have to be known as Christian volunteers."

Australia: Chaplains to be Renamed as 'Christian Volunteers' (Christian Today 24/11/05)

'Christian volunteer' label branded PC madness (ABC News 23/11/05)

25 Nov 2005