Brazil abuser priest provides checklist for selecting victims

A Brazilian magazine has reported that two priests recently convicted for sexual abuse of minor boys kept diaries of their experiences.

CLICK HEREThe National Catholic Reporter says the diaries often featured graphic sexual details, as well as in one instance a set of "rules" for selecting victims - such as that the target be a young male from a poor family and preferably without a father.

The magazine also names two other Brazilian priests recently arrested for abuse of minors, including one caught in early November in a hotel room in northeastern Brazil with four young boys. In that case, the priest has denied charges of abuse.

The Brazilian newsmagazine Istoč, a nationally circulated newsweekly, published these findings on last Wednesday, suggesting that they represent a broad pattern of sexual misconduct among Brazilian clergy. The Istoč report was given prominent treatment on Monday in Corriere della Sera, the leading Italian daily newspaper.

The magazine reports that in at least two instances, priests eventually convicted of sexual abuse of minors had previously been transferred from one assignment to another by church officials after initial complaints had surfaced.

According to the same report, one emeritus bishop in Brazil has been accused of sexual misconduct by a young priest whom he ordained.

Corriere della Sera's coverage suggested that sexual abuse of minors by priests is no longer a phenomenon associated largely with the United States, pointing to scandals in the UK, France, Croatia and Ireland, in addition to Brazil.

The original Corriere della Sera report claimed that 10 Brazilian priests are currently behind bars for abuse of minors, with another 40 missing.

Sex abuse in Brazil: Abuser priest provides checklist for selecting victims (National Catholic Reporter 21/11/05)

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23 Nov 2005