Synod bishops seek middle ground solutions

A Vatican analyst has identified an emerging dynamic at the Synod of Bishops in Rome, in which the bishops seem, in effect, to be "trying to meet their critics half-way".

The National Catholic Reporter's John Allen argued yesterday in his daily Synod commentary that they're willing to acknowledge, in unusually blunt fashion, certain long-taboo topics as real problems, but not necessarily to embrace the most ballyhooed solutions.

"Thus, bishops have been crystal clear about the conundrums generated by the priest shortage, by the exclusion of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics from Communion, and from the ban on Protestants receiving the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass," he said. "What they don't seem interested in doing is getting rid of clerical celibacy, or relaxing the rules on Communion."

According to Allen, the bishops believe the real solutions must be found elsewhere.

"On the priest shortage, for example, several bishops have talked about the theological and spiritual logic for mandatory celibacy in the Western church, with one defining celibacy as the church's 'most precious jewel', and others arguing that the problem underlying priest shortages is not celibacy but a broader 'crisis of faith'."

Both Cardinal Telesphore Placidus Toppo of India and Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez of Mexico made that argument yesterday in a Vatican news conference, marking the synod's half-way point.

On Wednesday evening, Cardinal Angelo Scola, the relator for the synod, presented the relatio post disceptationem, or the "speech after the discussion," which is intended to focus the discussion to date and provide direction for the meeting of the circoli minori, the small groups whose job it is to generate proposals for propositions to submit to the pope.

Problems acknowledged, synod bishops seek middle ground solutions (National Catholic Reporter 13/10/05)

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14 Oct 2005