Prefect says Church needs fresh Vatican II translations

The present translations of the documents of the Second Vatican Council are "imprecise", according to Archbishop William Levada, the new prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

CLICK HEREZenit reports that he suggested that the problem should be resolved by a careful, official, re-translation of the Council documents, perhaps in ten years time, to mark the Council's 50th anniversary.

To date, no translation of Vatican II documents has been presented as official.

Archbishop Levada - former Archbishop of San Francisco - spoke on Monday at the opening of the academic year of the Athenaeum of St. Anselm on Vatican II's dogmatic constitution on divine Revelation, "Dei Verbum."

In his address, Archbishop Levada explained that ambiguous translations had been made of the Council's texts, in particular of "Dei Verbum," suggesting the urgency of a total revision of the texts to correct the various interpretations and translations, which, he believes, do not reflect the authentic meaning of what the conciliar fathers wished to transmit.

Levada pointed out that "Dei Verbum" shows "the close relationship between Revelation, the Word of God, Scripture, Tradition and the magisterium" and clarified that "the magisterium is not above the Word of God but serves it faithfully."

Regarding the historical-critical reading of the Bible, Archbishop Levada said: "It cannot be denied that 'Dei Verbum' has contributed a certain peace to the world of Catholic exegesis because of the importance of the literary genres for the interpretation of Scripture."

The archbishop pointed out that the biblical, liturgical and ecumenical movement made Scripture "better known and utilized in the life of the Council."

New Translations of Vatican II Texts Needed, Says Prefect (Zenit 11/10/05)

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13 Oct 2005