Synod frank talk producing few breakthroughs

The English-speaking world's most quoted Vatican expert has suggested that while there have been many frank statements on heartfelt issues, no identifiable consensus has yet emerged at the Synod of Bishops taking place in Rome.

CLICK HEREThe National Catholic Reporter's John Allen yesterday spoke in his daily column of the utterance of an unidentifable Western European cardinal, who told the bishops that he understood all the positions expressed on a number of tough questions, and cautioned bishops not to go home "feeling as if they have not been heard."

"Tough questions" discussed include celibacy, and communion for divorced and remarried Catholics.

On Tuesday night, a bishop asked the synod to express appreciation for the practice of celibacy in the Western church, which he described as especially difficult to maintain in a "pan-sexual culture," and as a valuable witness in a "hedonistic world." He also said there are married deacons who are today getting divorced, a problem that would also extend to married priests. An Eastern-rite bishop warned that the priest shortage should not induce the church to abandon celibacy in the West.

On Wednesday morning, Cardinal George Pell of Sydney issued another ringing defense of celibacy.

"To loosen this tradition now would be a serious error, which would provoke confusion in the mission areas and would not strengthen spiritual vitality in the First World," Pell said.

"It would be a departure from the practice of the Lord Himself, bring significant practical disadvantages to the work of the church, e.g., financial, and weaken the sign value of the priesthood; it would weaken, too, the witness to loving sacrifice, and to the reality of the Last Things, and the rewards of Heaven," Pell said.

In other business, Archbishop Roland Minnerath of Dijon, France, the special secretary for the synod, gave an overview of what he saw as important themes to date.

Minnerath pointed to two "contradictions" that have emerged: first, the church's identity as a eucharistic community, yet its inability to provide the Eucharist because of priest shortages; second, the church's requirements of Sunday Mass attendance and regular confession, yet its inability to provide those sacraments to many faithful, again because of shortages of clergy.

Despite frank talk, few breakthroughs expected from synod (National Catholic Reporter 12/10/05)

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13 Oct 2005