Pell call to preserve celibacy rule

Cardinal George Pell told the Rome Bishops Synod overnight that abandoning celibacy as a condition of priesthood would be a serious error.

CLICK HEREThe Australian reports that he weighed into the debate on whether removing the celibacy rule would revive the interest of young men in becoming priests.

Addressing the gathering of more than 250 senior bishops from around the world, Cardinal Pell attacked moves in the church to relax the no-sex requirement.

He referred to "the ancient tradition and life-giving discipline of mandatory celibacy for the diocesan clergy as well as the religious orders".

"To loosen this tradition now would provoke confusion in the mission areas and would not strengthen spiritual vitality in the First World," he said.

The report, by The Australian's religious writer Jill Rowbotham, says the decline in the numbers of new priests - from one for every 1797 Catholics 30 years ago to one for every 2677 Catholics today - has been a strong theme during the three-week synod, called by the late John Paul II to examine the eucharist.

Bishops including Mozambique's Lucio Muandula and Papua New Guinea's Arnod Orowae have told the Synod that the rules on celibacy must be reviewed.

The Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Angelo Scola, has also raised the issue, although he maintained support for celibacy.

Cardinal Pell said the Second Vatican Council had "brought great blessings and substantial gains" such as missionary expansion, new movements and communities, but had been "followed by confusion, some decline - especially in the West - and pockets of collapse". "Good intentions are not enough," he said. The cardinal stressed that his recommendations to the synod on how to deal with these "shadows" presupposed the maintenance of celibacy.

Jettisoning the rule "would be a departure from the practice of the Lord himself", he said, and would "bring significant practical disadvantages" to the church.

"It would weaken, too, the witness to loving sacrifice, and to the reality of the last things, and the rewards of heaven."

Priests must stay celibate: Pell (The Australian 12/10/05)

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12 Oct 2005