Irish archbishop says Liturgy of Word can heal

Addressing the Synod of Bishops in Rome on Saturday, Archbishop Sean Brady spoke of how the liturgy of the word and homily had the power to transform attitudes of "anger, vengeance and retaliation into events of reconciliation, forgiveness and healing."

CLICK HERE"It is gratifying to note how scriptural words like justice, peace, forgiveness have become the lingua franca of the peace process," said Dr Brady.

catholicireland.net reports that the Primate of all Ireland referred to the recent IRA decommissioning, which was witnessed by two clergymen who had worked for many years to promote dialogue and reconciliation - a former President of the Methodist Church and a Redemptorist priest.

"This was perhaps, among other things, an acknowledgement of the role played by Ministers of the Word of God in creating the conditions for reconciliation and peace. It attests to the power of the Word, under the action of the Holy Spirit, to make all things new," said Dr Brady.

He said that the Word of God had the ability to change hearts, but he noted that more needed to be done to help priests with their homilies.

The archbishop suggested that just as the Catholic Church had brought out a universal Catechism, and a 'Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, which were "providential instruments of the teaching mission of the Church," it should provide a similar universal text to "support the exposition of the readings of the liturgical cycle" so as to help preachers to "break open the Scriptures in response to the signs of the times."

"If the difficult questions of this age are presented to the human family in global terms by global television networks, the internet and global magazines - should not the answer to these questions also be presented in global terms by the universal Church?" he asked.

Liturgy of word and homily have transforming power: Dr Brady (catholicireland.net 10/10/05)

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11 Oct 2005