TV weatherman to present at Catholic Earthcare Conference

The ABC's NSW weather presenter Mike Bailey is one of many climate and scientific experts speaking at next month's Catholic Earthcare Conference.

CLICK HEREBailey - a Catholic - will facilitate sessions and share some of his own experiences stretching over 30 years.

Registrations are now being accepted for the Conference, which takes place in Canberra between 18 and 20 November.

Other speakers include award winning American environmental photographer, Gary Braasch. Braasch is renowned for his risk taking action photography of extreme climate events, volcanoes, forest canopy studies and global warming indicators. His work has appeared in Time, Discover, National Wildlife, Smithsonian, Scientific American and LIFE magazines.

One of several visitors from the Pacific, Fr Michael Mackenzie from Kirabati will lead one of the conference sessions, 'In solidarity with our Pacific neighbours'.

Three leading scientists from the Australian National University will present a session on global climate change.

The first, Professor Tony McMichael is a biomedical scientist and Director of the National Centre for Population Health & Epiodemiology.

Dr Janette Lindesay is a atmospheric scientist researching and teaching on climate variability and carbon and greenhouse accounting.

The third presenter, Dr Brendan Mackey is on the Catholic Earthcare Advisory Council and is a plant ecologist. He is a member of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and has worked as a research scientist for CSIRO.

Award winning photographer to exhibit at conference (Catholic Earthcare Australia 27/10/05)

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28 Oct 2005