Vinnies challenge to governments on housing

The St Vincent de Paul Society has challenged governments at all levels to respond to shock findings of a Victorian Tenants' Union survey that included widespread overcrowding that included families of eight living in housing designed for four.

CLICK HEREThe survey results were summarised in the Tenants Union of Victoria's Rental Housing Affordability Bulletin "A National Perspective".

Vinnies National Social Justice spokesperson Tony Dalton said that the studies, which highlight the lack of affordable and secure housing for those in our community at the lower end of the economic scale, are most welcome and "have been needed for a good many years".

The authors describe the findings as 'shocking', but they come as no shock to the members of the St Vincent de Paul Society who each day see the real-life situations so clearly evidenced by the report data.

Vinnies volunteers assist over 800,000 Australian households each year, and they see over and over again:

Overcrowding where extended families of 8 or more people are living, often sleeping on the floor, in housing designed for 4.

Sub-standard accommodation where garages and sheds have been converted into 'bungalows' for the overflow of people from the house.

Unsafe accommodation where parents are forced to raise their children in near ramshackle, unsafe conditions, because they can afford nothing better.

Financial deprivation, where parents opt, for the sake of the children, for accommodation which they really cannot afford, with the result that they must rely of continual support from organisations such as ours for food on the table.

Transience, where parents who, despite their best efforts at budgeting, default on rents they cannot afford, suffer eviction and go into the emergency housing cycle, disastrously disrupting the children's education and social development as they are moved from school to school.

Vinnies Challenge Governments on Housing (St Vincent de Paul Society 26/10/05)

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28 Oct 2005