Lecturer reveals what the Bible says about sex

The Bible presents sex as a powerful aspect of life that should be used with care, according to Josephite Sr Michele Connolly, a lecturer in New Testament Studies at the Catholic Institute of Sydney.

CLICK HERE"But it is one of God's great blessings in life, meant to be something we rejoice in, something to which we say 'yes, yes, yes'," she told a lecture at the Australian Catholic University in Brisbane yesterday.

Sr Connolly said the Bible reflected the culture of the ancient world, when at least 90% of people were peasants.

Societies then placed great value on honour and people misbehaving sexually risked shame.

She said the Bible advised newly married men to stay home for a year with their wives to be "intoxicated always by her love".

This was to prevent a young man from being led astray by "a loose woman".

The university has provided the text of the lecture for download from its website (link below).

Bible's guide to lovemaking (Daily Telegraph/news.com.au 24/10/05)

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25 Oct 2005